Monday, January 20, 2014


We LOVE the MTC! Elder Adams is a District Leader. We have met some wonderful people here. Everyone is wonderful here! It's like being in Heaven I would imagine. 

We walked into the cafeteria and saw hundreds and hundreds of beautiful young Elders and Sisters. They glow! The youngsters treat us like Royalty. We have a beautiful suite right here on campus. Today was mostly orientation, but tomorrow we hit the lessons hard. We can't wait!  Tomorrow night is a Fireside or Devotional with a General Authority. 

Seniors can pretty much do whatever they want. We can go off campus whenever we want (when class isn't in session - we go 8 am to 4 pm).  We could even go home on weekends!  We, however, only have 4 days here and we leave Friday morning at 5:30 am for London, England. 

MTC Elders helping us move in.

Did I mention that we love it here?!

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