Monday, February 24, 2014


Where does the time go? We are still trying to settle in and find our bearings, but we are getting really busy teaching with the young Elders, visiting less actives, attending ward meetings and activities and finding other ways in which we can serve.  We can set our own schedule and be just as busy as we please. 

Our local subway (or Underground) station.

Keeping that head warm and dry.

On P Day we drove to a 5 story mall in Kingston Upon Thames (where there had been some flooding) and were finally able to find Sister Adams some decent boots, suited to this cold wet weather. Good sensible shoes are so important here because we walk (and run for buses and trains) so much. We enjoyed a nice pub lunch while we were out, then found a Super ASDA (British version of WalMart) and bought Elder Adams some warm workout clothes. We live across the street from Tooting Bec Common, so he enjoys a good workout over there. It's a world of trees, walkways and green open ball fields with people walking, running, skating and biking amidst the squirrels, ducks and birds.

Elder Adams carrying a luxurious carpet remnant home to beautify our flat.

We had another great District meeting with our Elders. They never cease to amaze us with their mature and spiritual approach to their work of teaching about Christ. It's hard to believe they are only 18 and 19 years old! It is not easy working here, but they rally on. We all live in very diverse ethnic neighborhoods.  We were walking on a Tooting High Street the other day and saw a sign which said "Largest indoor market in Tooting". We ventured in there, and I swear, it felt like we were in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul"!

Easter is coming  Ever heard of Cadbury Creme Egg biscuits?  Oh my, delicious!

Elder Adams is in the Bishopric, so we try to attend YM and YW activities. This Friday evening we are going to drive our YW to a dance in Maidstone, which is quite a ways away, but they are so excited to be able to go. Earlier that day we will be driving two of our elders and their investigator to the London Temple and Visitors Center. Tomorrow, we are picking up another senior couple at a rail station down the road a ways, and driving them to our Multi Zone Conference in Crawley. We are pretty excited about this, as we heard the local Relief Society are going to be feeding us - yay!  We had to turn down two sets of Elders who asked for rides to the conference, and instead felt compelled to drive the seniors. Our car is in big demand! We use public transport most of the time as there is usually nowhere to park, and the traffic is pretty horrendous. All the aforementioned places are chapels and will have parking lots. 

Making paper roses with the Young Women.

Big day today!  Our new bed is to arrive at 8 am (or later)!  We can't tell you how much we are looking forward to a good nights' sleep on a decent bed! ............... Well, the bed just came at 12:20  that's not too bad.

The bed was delivered in dozens of pieces.  We asked the delivery guys if they were going to set it up and they just shrugged their shoulders.

Aaagh thats much better! Elder Adams 
did a great construction job.

This Wednesday, Elder Adams will be conducting a funeral service for a lady in our ward who was murdered in her home. We didn't know her which makes it a little difficult, but it will be an opportunity to preach about the Savior Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation.  Sister Adams is organizing the service, collecting photos and personal information, and printing the program.  

We went into the beautiful tourist area of London last night with two other senior couples, to attend a YSA fireside at the Hyde Park Chapel.  We rode 2 buses each way, rather than the subway, so that we could enjoy the scenery.  Going up there is like going to a different world - it is beautiful.  What a great time to meet with so many saints also.

Recently renovated Hyde Park Chapel.

The Christus statue at Hyde Park Chapel.

Just got this urgent message from our Mission President:

I would ask all of you to inquire through your contacts, ward, and friends if there are any couples that would like to serve in England London South Mission. If they are interested, have them email or call me: 1-435-767 0203. In talking with the missionary department in SLC, the number of applicants is drastically down at this time and they are not filling all the requests that are presented to them. They will help direct couples to us if they put in a preference and we also request them.  Thanks for your help and attention to this matter of great urgency. 

Forever Faithful,
President Millar

 OK!  Does anyone want to join us?  Maybe Mabelle should put this in the ward bulletin.

We bought a game of UNO so that we could get together with the other seniors around here for FHE.  One couple has Phase 10, another couple has SKIP BO.  Now, if we can ever make time to get together for dinner and games it sounds like a wild time!  

We are happy and healthy and loving the work!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Well we have been in our area for two weeks now and we are starting to learn the ropes. By ropes, we mean learn a lot of the bus,  train and subway (underground) routes, where the best grocery stores are, how to get to the chapel etc etc.  We finally got our wifi connected, so no more chasing around the flat trying to find a hotspot!  We pretty much have the flat furnished, but its nothing too fancy.

We made a trip by bus and subway to the Moorfields Eye Hospital in central London on a really cold, windy, rainy day. The doctor changed Sister Adams' contact bandage on her artificial cornea, and as we slogged through the wind and rain, we hoped we wouldn't have to come and do this too often. Well, after a painful eye overnight, Elder Adams took a really good look the next morning and decided that the contact bandage was not there!  We called the hospital and were told to come back in.  No!!!..........not that trip again the very next day!  Anyway, we made it back in to the hospital, got a new contact and all is well now. 

Having a cup of hot cocoa with the Queen
in the eye hospital waiting room.

The members here are so good, and so strong. They can teach us much.  We are humbled to be called to work with them. Although few in number in this massive city, we still manage to see an occasional member or the Elders here and there on our travels. We have been able to use our Mandarin in a teaching situation and that was really enjoyable. 

By coincidence we met our zone leaders for the first time 
on the subway.  One is from South Africa 
and the other is from Romania.

We were very fortunate to find a lovely car to buy at an incredible price.  It was nothing short of a blessing.  We ride public transport most of the time, and we qualify for a free pass for buses, trains and subway, because of our seniority you might say.  We will use the car only occasionally for shopping trips, jaunts to the Temple etc. 

We had a fun day out with the other senior missionaries from the mission on Valentines Day. We met at the Victoria and Albert Museum and had a lovely lunch, then we toured the museum with a guide. It was marvelous!  All museums are free here. There are many more for us to see when we get the chance.  We really enjoyed meeting the other seniors and chatting about the work.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Bust of Henry VII father of Henry VIII. (Sorry about the flash)

Chandelier in the foyer of the V and A museum.

Some of Raphael's paintings of the Saviour.  I didn't know it, but photography was forbidden in this room.  A senior elder was rushing to tell me on the left, and a guard was approaching me from the other side.  Oops!

We have had several meetings with missionaries and the ward council, and we are starting to get assignments.  We look forward to visiting with some members this week in their homes. We are loving our time here and feel very much at home.  Of course we miss all our loved ones and friends back home!  Only 17 months and one week to go!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So the great vast British Empire no longer exists, right? Well, the vast British Empire is here - in London, along with many other nationalities!  We are in Wandsworth Stake and there are 61 languages spoken in this stake. There are 100 languages spoken in the mission.  Our Stake President is from Ghana, one of his counselors is from Malaysia, our Bishop is from Nigeria, his first counselor is from Russia and so it goes. Elder Adams will be sustained as second counselor in the Bishopric and he's Parowanian! We attended our ward meetings last Sunday with the Area Seventy and Stake President in attendance. We were asked to introduce ourselves and bear our testimonies. 

Elder Adams in front of our flat.
We are on the second floor right behind him.

We moved into our new flat 6 days ago, and are busily trying to furnish it with all things necessary. We registered with the National Health Service, obtained a pass for the buses and trains, set up Internet at home, and opened a British bank account, but we still have several things to do. 

This bus (route 249) takes us to and from our flat.

We have made several trips to the shops on buses, trains and subways trying to buy the basics for our flat.  We even hauled a huge ironing board home on the double decker bus today, along with many bags of groceries.  Inevitably, if we go out, the winds and the rains start to wail and blow.  

 We see these buses all over town.
They must have heard we was a comin'.

We attended the London Temple yesterday with the Mission President and 11 missionaries who were returning home to places such as Canada, Scotland, England, Switzerland, USA, and Mainland China.  We had a jolly good chat with the Chinese elder. He joined the church in Sweden as a student.  He said he couldn't proselyte in China, but he is allowed to teach his family.

Elder Adams riding with the trolley 
down the travelator at the 3 story grocery store.

Sister Adams having a bite of 
lunch at the grocery store cafe.

An English Yam. You could start 
a war with one of these!!

We're excited to meet more of our ward members in the coming weeks.  We're helping to teach a Chinese investigator this week ..... and so it goes.