Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So the great vast British Empire no longer exists, right? Well, the vast British Empire is here - in London, along with many other nationalities!  We are in Wandsworth Stake and there are 61 languages spoken in this stake. There are 100 languages spoken in the mission.  Our Stake President is from Ghana, one of his counselors is from Malaysia, our Bishop is from Nigeria, his first counselor is from Russia and so it goes. Elder Adams will be sustained as second counselor in the Bishopric and he's Parowanian! We attended our ward meetings last Sunday with the Area Seventy and Stake President in attendance. We were asked to introduce ourselves and bear our testimonies. 

Elder Adams in front of our flat.
We are on the second floor right behind him.

We moved into our new flat 6 days ago, and are busily trying to furnish it with all things necessary. We registered with the National Health Service, obtained a pass for the buses and trains, set up Internet at home, and opened a British bank account, but we still have several things to do. 

This bus (route 249) takes us to and from our flat.

We have made several trips to the shops on buses, trains and subways trying to buy the basics for our flat.  We even hauled a huge ironing board home on the double decker bus today, along with many bags of groceries.  Inevitably, if we go out, the winds and the rains start to wail and blow.  

 We see these buses all over town.
They must have heard we was a comin'.

We attended the London Temple yesterday with the Mission President and 11 missionaries who were returning home to places such as Canada, Scotland, England, Switzerland, USA, and Mainland China.  We had a jolly good chat with the Chinese elder. He joined the church in Sweden as a student.  He said he couldn't proselyte in China, but he is allowed to teach his family.

Elder Adams riding with the trolley 
down the travelator at the 3 story grocery store.

Sister Adams having a bite of 
lunch at the grocery store cafe.

An English Yam. You could start 
a war with one of these!!

We're excited to meet more of our ward members in the coming weeks.  We're helping to teach a Chinese investigator this week ..... and so it goes. 


  1. Your blog looks great, but you look even better! So glad you're in your flat and adjusting to the wonderful world of full-time missionary labors as a senior. We'll keep watching your blogs for updates. We love you and are grateful for your powerful desire to serve!

  2. Well hello there your majesty! We are working on getting a car at the moment, but it will only be used occasionally for shopping and trips etc. We are still trying to get in the swing of things - haven't been here a week yet! Love you!

  3. Dear Elder and Sister Adams, I am so glad to hear you are having a lovely time of it in London. Does Elder Adams speak Parowanese? Well, if he does no one will understand him. Your flat looks lovely. I hope you are doing well on the stairs...and I heard from Chantry last night at the Special Needs Mutual Roadshow that you bought a car...isn't that just like an Adams to be classy even on a mission. You two Rock! Love you! Keep up the good work.