Sunday, February 16, 2014


Well we have been in our area for two weeks now and we are starting to learn the ropes. By ropes, we mean learn a lot of the bus,  train and subway (underground) routes, where the best grocery stores are, how to get to the chapel etc etc.  We finally got our wifi connected, so no more chasing around the flat trying to find a hotspot!  We pretty much have the flat furnished, but its nothing too fancy.

We made a trip by bus and subway to the Moorfields Eye Hospital in central London on a really cold, windy, rainy day. The doctor changed Sister Adams' contact bandage on her artificial cornea, and as we slogged through the wind and rain, we hoped we wouldn't have to come and do this too often. Well, after a painful eye overnight, Elder Adams took a really good look the next morning and decided that the contact bandage was not there!  We called the hospital and were told to come back in.  No!!!..........not that trip again the very next day!  Anyway, we made it back in to the hospital, got a new contact and all is well now. 

Having a cup of hot cocoa with the Queen
in the eye hospital waiting room.

The members here are so good, and so strong. They can teach us much.  We are humbled to be called to work with them. Although few in number in this massive city, we still manage to see an occasional member or the Elders here and there on our travels. We have been able to use our Mandarin in a teaching situation and that was really enjoyable. 

By coincidence we met our zone leaders for the first time 
on the subway.  One is from South Africa 
and the other is from Romania.

We were very fortunate to find a lovely car to buy at an incredible price.  It was nothing short of a blessing.  We ride public transport most of the time, and we qualify for a free pass for buses, trains and subway, because of our seniority you might say.  We will use the car only occasionally for shopping trips, jaunts to the Temple etc. 

We had a fun day out with the other senior missionaries from the mission on Valentines Day. We met at the Victoria and Albert Museum and had a lovely lunch, then we toured the museum with a guide. It was marvelous!  All museums are free here. There are many more for us to see when we get the chance.  We really enjoyed meeting the other seniors and chatting about the work.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Bust of Henry VII father of Henry VIII. (Sorry about the flash)

Chandelier in the foyer of the V and A museum.

Some of Raphael's paintings of the Saviour.  I didn't know it, but photography was forbidden in this room.  A senior elder was rushing to tell me on the left, and a guard was approaching me from the other side.  Oops!

We have had several meetings with missionaries and the ward council, and we are starting to get assignments.  We look forward to visiting with some members this week in their homes. We are loving our time here and feel very much at home.  Of course we miss all our loved ones and friends back home!  Only 17 months and one week to go!


  1. Nice Bay Oom Vay Bro!! Very sweet wheels. So glad you're doing well! Love you both. Bob and Andrea

  2. So, we were just thinking we haven't seen a post for awhile. Have you been washed away?

  3. Hi there. Been busy, busy with a real busy week ahead. Will try to post this week sometime!